Natural Nail

Natural Nail

Signature Manicure$15.00

Most popular manicure that includes nails trim, shaping, cuticle grooming, buff & conditioning and a warm lotion massage. Nail polish of your choice with a shinny, long lasting top coat.

Deluxe Manicure$20.00

The signature manicure plus sugar scrub, exfoliating crystals and vitamin E to help protect skin against sun damage and reduce visible signs of age.

Luxor or Nuskin Manicure$25.00

(Organic product use)

The signature manicure plus exclusively formulated sugar to exfoliate followed with paraffin hot wax wraps. Hydrates your hands, reduce all lines and immediately brings brightness and softness to your skin.

Express Pedicure$20.00

Nail trimming, shaping, cuticle grooming and buff.

Signature Pedicure (30 min)$32.00

Most common among pedicures includes nails trimming, shaping, cuticles grooming, buff & conditioning, callus removal & smoothing treatment and warm lotion massage followed by hot towel wrap.

Deluxe Pedicure (45 min)$48.00

Signature pedicure plus a variety of scented exfoliating sugar scrub followed up with paraffin hot wax wraps, or refreshing mask to rejuvenate and hydrate your skin.

Luxor or Nuskin Pedicure$55.00

(Organic product use)

A series of scented spa treatment turn your ordinary pedicure into an extraordinary spa experience featuring smoothing soaks, exfoliating scented sea salts, regenerating skin cell, deep dermal vitamin enriched paraffin hot wax wraps refreshing mask to hydrate your skin, extended mask … with hot stone therapy to circulate your… vessels, reducing pain from stand… walking in high heels. All these …create the most relaxing and healing the Spa Experience.

Additional Services

Color change on hands$8.00
Color change on toes$12.00
French polish change on hands$12.00
French polish change on toes$15.00
Nail repair without service$3 each
Nail design$5 & up
Soak off$10.00
Paraffin treatment for hands$8.00
Paraffin treatment for feet$10.00
Additional massage
(10 min ) hand $10 / feet $15
Toes nail cut$8.00
Finger nail trim$5.00
Overlay set$35.00 & up
Full set$35.00 & up
French tip set$40.00
Fill in$25.00
Full set Pink & White$55.00
Fill in Pink & White$45.00
Fill in Pink only$28.00
NexGen with full set$50.00
NexGen with fill in$40.00
Fiber glass or silk wrap full set$50.00
Fiber glass or silk wrap fill in$40.00
Crystal gel full set $50.00
Crystal gel fill in $40.00
Nexgen sns man with soakoff$50.00
Nexgen sns without Manicure$40.00
Nexgen sns with soak off $40.00
Nexgen without soak off $30.00
Full set with shellac $45.00
Fill in with shellac $35.00
Shellac with manicure $35.00
Shellac without manicure $25.00
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